Survey platforms are online services to assist you in data, information, and feedback gathering. 

A survey is the collection of people’s opinions regarding a specific subject. The opinions are usually collected as answers to the prepared questions on the list. There are different types of surveys, so different platforms have their sphere of competence. You can browse the platform’s services on its website.

We picked up the best four platforms for you to get acquainted with: GrapeData (targeted surveys), SurveyMonkey (online surveys), Typeform (form building), and JotForm (form creator).


GrapeData is an online survey platform that helps to gather information by targeting any group of individuals at any time globally. It is used for due diligence, investment decisions, and asset management purposes.

This platform includes multiple services related to surveys creation, data scouting, audio recording, and customized questionnaires with pictures and videos. GrapeData is a data-as-a-service (DAAS) provider, which supplies its clients with comprehensive and competitive benefits.

If you are interested in such services, provide GrapeData experts with information about your goals and preferences. The experts will give you guidelines and assist you with the data gathering. There is an opportunity to monitor the survey and watch results in real-time.


SurveyMonkey is a company that generally specializes in software development for surveys and questionnaire creation. It offers a broad range of tools for the survey’s preparation, from customers feedback, through team engagement to market research.

This company differentiates between target audiences. Its services were designed to collect information about a company’s internal and external environment to improve employee experience and increase employee engagement.

It positions itself as a world-leading survey software company that provides secure survey services. In order to use its services, you have to choose from the existing plans (started from EURO 30 per month).


Typeform is an online software that specializes in online surveys. It allows users to easily create stylish personalized forms-questionnaires to obtain more data. You can create forms, surveys, and quizzes.

The key features of Typeform performance are easiness, personalization, and facilitation. It assists in the creation of easy-to-understand and visually pleasant questionnaires that attract people’s attention. All of these are supposed to bring higher completion rates.

Here is how it works. You need to sign in and pick up a template. Then you share the template with your target audience and gather the data. Obtained results can be exported (for example in Google Sheets), as the platform uses multiple integrations.


JotForm is another company that specializes in form building. It uses structuring and conditional logic to optimize the questionnaire structure. You can choose from the existing templates or create your own.

Besides the online form builder, it allows to gather online payments (secure selling of products), automate the workflows of its clients, and generate multifaceted reports. JotForm supports a diverse system of integrations like PayPal, Google Sheets, Zoom, and Slack.

This online platform goes far beyond forms creation and surveys. It offers a business environment to its customers, offering a wide range of tools to perform and control business processes.