1. We Walk You Through The Process Of Analyzing Survey Data

A survey analysis report is created when you are ready to present the findings of a survey you have carried out.  The report serves as a formal record of the survey study and could also act as a good starting point for any future surveys. 

Survey research is a unique way to collect data from a large group of people and has many advantages such as being able to connect to and collect data from a large number of people.

  1. Your Research Findings Should Guide Your Writing

Everyone consumes knowledge in their own unique way and you should present your research to appeal to these different research audiences.

You may present the results of your survey study in five different ways:

 A 1-page executive summary with key insights

A 1-page stat sheet that ticks off the top supporting stats

A shareable slide deck with data visuals that can be understood as a stand-alone or by being presented in person

Live dashboards which contain all the survey data allowing team members to filter the data and dig as deeply as they want to, when they want to.

  1. Start With The End In Mind — What Are The Main Data Takeaways From Your Research?

Make example headlines for what the survey will uncover before you even compose your survey questions.

Here are some examples of headlines:

  • X% of people would stay at our hotel again if we offered free parking
  • X% of visitors to our showroom do not want to be approached by a salesman
  • Customers are X% more likely to choose from our new cocktail menu than our old one. 

You could even  “write” the outcomes beforehand which will serve as a guide to assist you develop questions that will ensure you receive the data and the responses that you are actually looking for.  

Wording a question in a particular way could massively affect the answers you receive.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Join Qualitative Research Findings And Quantitative Data

We live in a data-driven world and both society and business rely heavily on consumer opinions. Marketing and Market Research are just two business functions that are driven by data and you shouldn’t be afraid to combine both quantitative and qualitative study findings.

You do need to make sure that you tell your audience when you’re presenting them with results from a survey study or from another source.

  1. Prepare a mock press release to motivate people to take action

As with a lot of things in business, motivation is key and actually getting round to doing the research instead of just talking about it is something that a lot of businesses fail to do.

Writing a press release six months into the future that happily reports all the changes that have been made as a result of your study is one way that can ignite change using the research you have carried out.

Get together with your colleagues after 6 months to see how you have implemented changes based on your results.

It can be difficult to recognize participants who are legitimate and valid members of your target audience. You can use a trusted survey company, such as Grapedata, to guarantee that the participants are genuine, ensuring the accuracy of your research. Grapedata can assist you in getting trustworthy data to assist you in making smarter business decisions.

Businesses can do targeted market research quickly and easily using Grapedata’s surveys and data collection, giving you with all the information you need to deliver the best service or product to the right audience.