The analysis of the data obtained from the customer survey is one of the most important steps within the survey, which supplies the decision-makers with fruitful insights.

A survey report arises as a result of survey analysis. It includes grouped data in the form of tables and diagrams, various indicators, and conclusions on which decisions to be made. Let’s discover some peculiarities of survey analysis and report preparation that may help you to improve your performance. 

What Is a Customer Survey Analysis Report?

Every person engaged in business affairs knows that data is an inevitable prerequisite for good decision-making. Raw data same as raw materials can’t be consumed by the end-user (managers), therefore it undergoes analysis and reports writing stages. You should pay increased attention to the report preparation process as misbehaviour can pervert the whole survey results.

Data can be collected in multiple ways and the truth is that its collection is only a part of the journey. The collected data is subsequently converted into information by means of grouping and analysis. During the process of report preparation, diagrams are built and the indicators are calculated, so the conclusions and recommendations arise as knowledge derived from information. This knowledge is the source of decision-making. But, before we go down to survey results analysis, let’s explore the advantages of a survey.

Discovering the Advantages of Conducting a Survey

A survey brings a lot of useful things to the table. We’ve picked up the main ones. The biggest advantage is that surveys usually cost less than other ways of competitiveness improvement. In other words, surveys are relatively inexpensive, so even a business owner with a humble budget can afford it.

The next advantage is the scalable coverage of a survey. You may choose between highly-personalized targeting and surveys that involve data gathering from global macroregions, like Europe or Africa. With the help of online survey platforms, you can reach any target auditory.

Another great thing about surveys is that they can be conducted in multiple ways. Today, you can launch a global survey having just a smartphone in your hands – this is a very appealing advantage. You may also choose from paper surveys, email surveys, or social media micro surveys.

Analyzing Survey Results: the Basics

If you considered the advantages and decided to organize a survey, you have to know what to do with the obtained data, as it can’t be used as a source of decisions. Firstly, you have to differentiate between levels of measurement, as questions of different types will probably be included in your survey. 

Secondly, pay attention to each of the survey questions as different parts of the questionnaire have separate research purposes. They are the keys to separate decisions.

Thirdly, it would be better if you analyze the quantitative data first, so when all the digits are ready you may examine quantitative data.

Fourthly, take care of the results’ statistical significance. Pay attention to the answer options that gathered more than 50% of respondents’ answers.

Fifthly, make sense of the obtained data and information. The extremums in the value of statistical indicators would show the cause-effect relationship and the right way for managerial decisions.

GrapeData As a Tool for Conducting a Survey Analysis Report

The good news is that most of the work related to the survey preparation and conduction may be performed by an external organization – an online survey platform. For example, GrapeData specialized in targeted surveys, so you can gain access to any audience all over the globe.

The mentioned company (GrapeData) conducts highly-targeted surveys and does all the work related to survey conduction. From assisting with questionnaire building to the export of data, tables, and diagrams into your working space (like Google Sheets) GrapeData maintains a professional and client-centred approach.

Such online survey platforms can be accessed from your device, so all you need to do is to click the web link or enter the web address. For example, GrapeData is available at, so if you need professional help with your survey you should consider this option.