GrapeData is an online survey platform. It conducts surveys by offering its customers a range of all-embracing services. 

GrapeData combines personalized targeting, global coverage, and due timing to provide the best quality. It uses more than 200,000 contributors from 87 countries to gather the right data, in the right places, and at the right time. 

GrapeData for Beginners

GrapeData is an edge service provider, which helps to reach any target audience, anywhere in the world at any time. It uses the power of contributors as survey interviewers to gather the “people-powered data”. This data reflects crowd-intelligence related to survey tasks.

The company specializes in survey preparation, questionnaire creation, survey conduction, analysis of gathered data, and report writing. Depending on your preferences, you may receive a highly specified survey, tailored accordingly to your desire. 

The team started as a provider of services related to the surveys in the financial sector. Now, GrapeData’s team can conduct surveys in a diverse range of industries and market sectors. So, the success and experience from one sector are extrapolated to others. 

What Is Crowd-Intelligence and How Can It Help You?

Crowd-intelligence is at the heart of GrapeData’s performance. This type of intelligence may reflect trends and market moves. Though, one of its main benefits is speed. You may obtain the needed information just in time, as proper timing is among the key success factors. 

The second key benefit that crowd-intelligence brings to the table is global coverage. Some areas on the planet are hard to reach, nevertheless, local information may be of crucial importance. For example, entrance into local markets with specific products or services may demand a previous investigation in the form of a survey.

Besides the benefits stated above, crowd-intelligence provides enhanced agility and transparency. You can monitor the intermediate results of your survey and make the proper decisions if needed.

GrapeData and Its Benefits

GrapeData can improve the self-comprehension of your company and facilitate understanding of your market niche, as it has a very broad coverage (see above).

It uses the newest equipment and unique software that allows you to track the survey at every stage. You can measure the data in real-time and see how many people took part in the survey, with detailed information about their answers. 

Even more, GrapeData provides the ability to act predictively as it uses alternative data, which uses unconventional data sources. For example, such data can complement the traditional data (market and correlation analysis) to strengthen the reliability and validity of your decisions. 

How to Start With GrapeData?

If you wonder how to know more about the company, you may visit GrapeData’s website. It is easily accessible at 

The company’s web contains all the needed information, including legal regulation of related services and privacy policy statements. Hence, when you decide what data you need, you can feel secure about survey results and your rights.

Once you weigh all the pros and cons, you may get in touch with GrapeData’s team. The direct link that connects you with the team member is on the bottom-right corner of every webpage of its website. You can simply write and explain what you want.