A Market Research Community Platform (MRCP) is the place where the Market Research Online Community (MROC) interacts. The latter is a group of people that harvest online information and conduct surveys on a constant basis to obtain qualitative and quantitative data.

The main benefit of an MROC is that it allows you to obtain the needed data more easily, compared to the traditional methods. The time, cost, and complexity can be significantly reduced if the survey is done by MROC participants.

It’s Easy to Use!

GrapeData is an MRCP, which performs online, so different people can become contributors to the shared research. People who take part in the research should concentrate on the research itself, and not on the platform’s navigation problems. To avoid this, an MRCP should be user-centred, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly.

Contemporary MRCPs that are based on the newest technologies and innovative software also solve one of the biggest challenges in the research industry – they solve the locality problem. Traditional research and surveys were centred on specific geographical areas, as it was hard to organize and fund large-scale projects. Compared to this, online platforms provide access to diverse research audiences all over the globe. 

You Will Get Quantity and Quality

Using an MROC is the main research method for GrapeData, providing both quality and quantity. You can customize the number of questions in the questionnaire and the number of respondents in your survey. It can be quite large (literally unlimited) or you can pick up a few market experts for your focus group.

GrapeData is not simply the place to conduct surveys, it creates research environments, where participants, respondents, contributors, and even clients can interact, cooperate and share suggestions. Communication is not limited to text messages, but also includes photos, voice, and video recording. Such research stimulates high-quality insights and fruitful brainstorming.

Time Flexibility Is Definitely an Upside

Another benefit of the MROC method is the time. It takes less effort from survey organizers, interviewers, and contributors, so the whole survey may be completed much quicker. There is no need to inform participants about a survey initiation using multiple channels, respondents also do not spend their time arriving at the specific survey location. All the procedures are done through the internet, which saves a lot of time.

Unlimited research duration is another favourable factor. Since time restrictions and limitations depend only on you, the research may last forever, depending on your financial abilities and coverage. For example, if you need to track consumers’ satisfaction with your market campaigns and their effectiveness, you may systematically run surveys among your target audiences. Also, if you set up the sample for your surveys properly the cost of such long-term surveys may be surprisingly pleasing.