GrapeData has been helping financial related companies around the world to generate better investment decisions by gaining in-depth inputs into their target companies. They are helping their clients understand both their own clients’ side and the company’s side at the same time.

Are You an Investor?

Private Equity (PE) funds are constantly looking for the next best investment or take over what they can bring about. Raising funds from investors and calling them when a target client is found, then mostly changing the target company’s management and selling it over. In order for a PE to decide on a target company, it needs to know as much as possible about the company, its products and its markets. Without such knowledge, the PE will not be able to engage in investment decisions that are right for them. 

In addition, venture capital funds are always on the lookout for the next best opportunity in the startup arena. While the data of the target company is very limited, as mostly its track record contains only a few years, if not months, it is necessary to make sure that the estimates that are provided by the target company are indeed in line with the claims by them. 

Consultants Might Be Looking for GrapeData

Business consultants and strategic consultants should always be on the lookout for companies like GrapeData. These types of companies are able to save the consultancy plenty of time when it comes to researching and learning the markets. Consultants often take upon work in industries that are either new to them or that they are not fully familiar with. In such cases, it is fundamental for them to hire a company like GrapeData

A good example can be a strategic consultant who has been assigned with a project of issuing a report and analysis for a fund that wants to acquire a company that provides real estate services in France for example. In case the consultant does not know the French language or the market very well, they would sometimes turn down the offer or would have to spend very large amounts on hiring service providers to do some work for them. When hiring a company like GrapeData, the consultant can rest assured that they are going to receive the best service possible, and for an amount that is much more attractive than hiring a team specialising in that field. 

Evaluating Hedge Funds With GrapeData

GrapeData can provide insight for hedge funds with the required knowledge in order to make the best decisions in their business. It is difficult to only use the target company’s numbers and evaluations as the accuracy and the in-depth insight of those may limit your ability to make the right decision regarding the target company. In order to go ahead with that, the fund must make sure that it has the external knowledge that is required, and that’s a unique feature that GrapeData can provide.

Ideal for Corporate Assessment

To summarise, it seems that the usage of services like GrapeData could be great for those who want to engage in corporate assessment. Such online survey platforms are beneficial for financial advisors, hedge funds, and their clients. Besides, this survey data can be a great supplement to financial data obtained from traditional sources.