Everyone who conducted survey research knows that a questionnaire is among the most important documents in the survey process. A questionnaire is a list of questions with answers that are used to ask respondents and collect the data. 

Different types of surveys use different questionnaires. These questionnaires are created specifically to collect data on specific topics, such as product usage satisfaction, customer satisfaction, company communications, and various psychographic questions. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Product Usage Satisfaction Questionnaire

A Product Usage Satisfaction Questionnaire is developed to question respondents about their experience with the products and services of a company. It may research specific themes (like colour and shape) or contain questions assigned to specific topics.

This type of questionnaire studies customers’ experience with one or more products and services. Usually, this is related to product improvement and product range development, as immediate users provide reliable data on product features.

For example, if a business develops mobile applications it may gather feedback from its users by asking them to participate in a survey. Depending on the survey targets a questionnaire may include design, interface, colour, performance, content, and user engagement topics.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

A Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire is related to the interaction between customers and the company. This type of survey may be focused on problem cases or all the issues that can influence customer satisfaction.

This survey type, besides product usage, studies merchandising, promotion, supply, direct product substitutes, brand recognition, attitude towards producers, advertising productivity, and a lot more. This questionnaire type may include any question that relates to customer satisfaction.

For example, if you are intended to study customer satisfaction with a brand, you may ask customers questions related to brand recognition, satisfaction with product range, awareness related to competitors and substitute products, and other brand features.

Evaluation of Company Communications Questionnaire

A Company Communication Questionnaire contains questions related to communication channels and information flows. These can relate to both internal and external communication, which directly impact a company’s performance and its immediate environment.

Since the quality of communication affects all the business processes it may improve or worsen overall performance and its constituents. The main benefit of such a survey is that it allows us to gather data about all the significant communication gaps and eliminate them.

For example, you may conduct a survey within separate departments of your organization, or study inter-department communication. External communication surveys may study communication between a company and suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, or municipalities.

Psychographic Questionnaire

A psychographic questionnaire is related to various psychological aspects of employees’ satisfaction with their job. It may surprise many managers and directors, but employee satisfaction depends not exclusively on wages.

The purpose of this survey type relates to the feelings of employees induced by their workplace and everyday job routine. Communication in the team, work appreciation, supervisors’ feedback, and skills correlated with tasks, influence employee satisfaction.

For example, though the wages may be quite high, employees may feel quite uncomfortable due to the pressure in the workplace. Other employees may think about changing employers because of the unfriendly working environment. Even though that is simply how it works, you may avoid such troubles by conducting different types of surveys in order to know your business inside out.