Modern approaches to market analysis have already proved their contribution to companies’ performance in most cases. One of such relatively new approaches is a brand survey.

Brand surveys come in handy when businesses have to solve existing problems or want to improve their performance, product quality, or brand recognition. Please consider the following examples of situations when brand surveys can bring fruitful results.

When Do You Need to Conduct a Brand Survey?

Firstly, you may need to start a new marketing campaign and a brand survey will provide you with insights into new content.

Secondly, as no one is disconnected from the market trends your brand may need some improvements and even renovations, which can be identified within a survey.

Thirdly, a brand survey can tell you a lot about your existing products and services and how they can be improved.

Fourthly, this type of survey is the right answer when you’re wondering about customers’ expectations, so you can meet them in advance.

Fifthly, you may need extra product penetration and brand visibility on the market. Your respondent will tell you what you are doing wrong and how to handle it.

Sixthly, with this powerful instrument, you may obtain all the needed information about your customers and create literally ideal buyer personas for your brand.

Discovering How Many Types of Brand Surveys Are There?

Brand Identity Survey

You can choose from various types of brand surveys or compile them into one all-embracing survey. Among the most popular is a brand identity survey, which collects data about brand identification, or rather ‘market integrity as it is perceived by the customers, partners, and even competitors.

Brand Positioning Survey 

A brand positioning survey helps to discover data about a brand’s place on the product and define which market strategies are more productive. The simple and clear thing is that in some cases better positioning and representation can lead to better results.

Brand Perception Survey

A brand perception survey is conducted when a brand owner needs the data related to customers’ feedback regarding the brand’s performance on the market. This is needed to ensure that ads do not mislead the customers.

Brand Awareness Survey

Have you ever wondered how many people know about your brand? If not, you should, as a brand awareness survey may reveal latent target audiences that would make a great impact on your business.

Tips and Tricks to Conduct the Best Brand Survey Possible

Identify the Right Audience to Target

At the end of this article, we want to provide you with a few tips and tricks that will bring your brand survey to the next level. First of all, try to identify the proper target audience. That can be your existing clients, new market segments, or customers that buy a competitor’s brand.

Create an Organized Survey

You should always keep in mind that a survey should be conducted according to specific rules. If you obey all the needed procedures, you will succeed.

Don’t Ask Leading or Loaded Questions

When you’re trying to choose the questions for your survey, don’t make them overcomplicated and weird. Your respondents should understand what you want from them from the first try.

Conduct the Survey in an Effective Manner

Lastly, try to conduct your survey in an efficient manner. Don’t weigh your time on procrastination, subsequently go through all the survey stages and produce a survey report that will make an impact.