Google Forms is an online survey application that allows you to create surveys and quizzes easily. The tool makes it easy for anyone to create a form, share it with others, and view the results in a spreadsheet. They’re a great way to learn more about your customers or the people in your community. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to gather information about your company’s audience, or even if you want to build your customer feedback form, Google Forms can help. Here’s how:

Let’s Find Out How to Create a Google Forms Questionnaire

Here is how to create a new google form: 

  • Go to and log in. Then, create a blank form by clicking blank; a plus symbol represents it.
  • Click the Untitled form field and type the title you want to use for the survey. You can also write a survey description by writing in the field directly beneath it, called Form description.
  • Click Theme on the top-right part of the page, select your preferred theme, and click Select.
  • Click “Untitled form” and type the survey title.

You can also write a survey description by writing in the field directly beneath it, called Form description.

Add as Many Questions as You Want to Your Google Forms Questionnaire

To create questions, click on the Add item button on the right side of the screen.

In the drop-down menu that appears, you’ll be able to choose from any number of question types that Google Forms has available. 

You can choose from a variety of different questions types that are available in Google Forms, such as text fields, multiple choice options, drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc. Once you’ve chosen one, enter the question and all possible answer options.

Once you’ve entered a question, click on the plus sign to add another question to your form. You can add as many questions as you want. Once you’re done, click on Done to return to your form.

Exploring the Different Types of Questions

Not every survey question is a simple yes or no. It’s essential to allow for different types of responses, and Google Forms lets you customize the questions to include the information you need most helpfully.

Below are some of the different types of questions that you can include in your form:

  1. Multiple choice: This is one of the most commonly used question types. With multiple-choice, respondents select one answer from a list.
  2. Paragraph text: This type of question allows respondents to write out their answers (in a longer format).
  3. Checkboxes: With this type of question, respondents can select multiple answers from a list.
  4. Scale: With scale questions, respondents rate something along a linear scale (such as 1-5).
  5. Grid: Grid questions allow respondents to rank and rate multiple items along with the same vertical and horizontal scales.
  6. Short answer: This is an open-ended question where respondents can write a short response (with a maximum character limit), and you can correct spelling errors and use suggestions provided by Google to improve answers. 
  7. Paragraph: If respondents need more space to write their answers, use this option instead. 
  8. Date and time: These types allow you to insert calendar and clock icons into your survey. The option makes it easier for respondents to insert date-related information in your survey.

In How Many Different Ways Can Respondents Answer?

You can select a single answer or multiple answers. The options dictate how many response can be selected at one time.

Once you add a type of question, you can write the question itself and individual answer options. To do so, click on the respective field and type the text you want to use.

Click the Add Option button below the last answer option to add more answer options to Multiple Choice or Checkboxes questions. You can also delete an existing option by clicking the small “x” next to it.

For additional settings, click on the three vertical dots. Repeat the process until you’ve created all the questions you need for your survey.

Final Thought

Creating a Google Forms questionnaire is easy, but it can be tiresome if you have to do it from scratch every time. You can save time by creating a basic template in Google Docs that includes your preferred questions types, answers options, and layout. Once you save your template, you can reuse it over and over. Grapedata is a professional research management platform that can help you automate all these processes. Reach out to get started.