As a business owner, Google Survey Forms can be an invaluable tool for collecting information from your clients. However, unless you have the right strategy for how to share your forms, you may not see the type of response rate you were hoping for.

In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways of sharing your Google Survey Form so that you can increase the number of responses and get more out of your forms!

Let’s dive in

What are Google Forms?

Google Forms is a free online survey tool that can create online surveys, quizzes and questionnaires. Google Forms allows users to create customized forms with various question types, including short answers, multiple-choice and checkboxes. The forms can be shared via email or embedded in web pages.

Google Forms is free, customizable, and easy to use. It’s accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it ideal for conducting business research and gathering feedback from employees, customers, and website visitors.

Your Survey Can Be Sent to Specific Recipients via Email

To share your survey, you need first to have one created. Head to Google Forms, log in with a Google account, and click the red Create New Form button.

Once you’re finished designing the form and adding your questions, it’s time to share it with others so you can gather their responses. Google’s forms platform has no limit on the number of responses you can receive (although there is a limit on the number of question options), so don’t be shy about sending out your surveys.

You can share your survey with others. Click the Send button in the upper-right corner of the form to get started. The default option is to send an email invitation to recipients, which is likely what you’ll use most often. Click the Send button in the upper-right corner of the form.

Share the Survey Link Everywhere

Another alternative is to copy the survey link and share it on social media, email or anywhere else where you can attract people who might find your survey interesting.

To copy the link, open your survey in Google Forms. With the Link tab selected (second from the left), click on the Copy button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can also get a shorter version of the link by clicking on the field next to Shorten URL (you might need to scroll down a bit to see both fields). Then copy that and paste it wherever you’d like.

Add the Survey to Your Website

To make it easy for people to take your survey, you can add a link to your survey directly to your website or blog. 

You can do this in two ways: You can either add a link that readers can click or embed the survey right into the page. The advantage of embedding the research survey is that it’s easier for respondents — they don’t have to click anything.

Embedding surveys on a website is a little more complicated than adding a simple link, but it’s not hard to figure out if you’re comfortable tinkering with HTML code. Here’s how:

  1. Start by opening your Google Form in edit mode. Click Send at the top of the Form page, then click Embed form in a webpage from the drop-down menu. A window will open, displaying the HTML code.
  2. Copy all of this code by selecting and pressing Ctrl+C on Windows (or Command+C on Mac). 
  3. Paste that HTML code into any area of your website’s code where you’d like it to appear. 

However, it is not as simple as pasting it into a text field: The code has to be embedded in the code of your website or blog, which you’ll have to do on the website’s host site (such as WordPress). If you’re not well-versed in HTML, you may want to contact a professional.

Final Thought

Taking input gathered online is crucial to making informed decisions concerning your business. The Google survey form is accessible and user-friendly, and with Grapedata’s services, it’s a breeze to set this up on your website for easier access. We are professional and have experience creating surveys and also analyzing them. Contact us today to start with your research survey.