Questionnaire software is the IT based (information technology) solution that facilitates the preparation and creation of the survey questionnaire.

Contemporary questionnaire software is online software, created by professional interviewers. It is a great tool, as it provides any person with multiple advice, suggestions, templates, and features. We are going to talk about the top questionnaire software within the following paragraphs.


GrapeData is a data-as-a-service (DAAS) provider, based in London, UK. It helps to target any audience, anywhere in the world.

It is a client-centered company that uses an overwhelming approach to provide its clients with the best services. Professional advisors help not only to create the questionnaire but also to reach the audience and gather the required data.

You can reach the GrapeData team at its web: Simply, click the link on the main page to start the chat with a team member. Explain your needs and advisers propose various ways of their fulfillment.


QuestionPro is a company that “helps you collect meaningful data and make better decisions”. It is based in Austin, Texas.

This platform is focused on, but not limited to survey software, customer experience, workforce, communities, audience, polls, research, and live polls. You may choose between various plans and account types.

To start exploring the QuestionPro services you may visit There is a link to start a free trial and chat with the support team on the main page. All the services are easy-to-understand, so you will intuitively know what to do.


SurveySparrow is focused on the creation of beautiful surveys, which – as it promises – will get all the answers you want. The company is based in Palo Alto, California.

The main company’s products include enterprise surveys, offline surveys, panels, chatbots for websites and more. It uses automation, case management, and business intelligence to power its products.

Visit SurveySparrow’s website ( if you are interested in new opportunities. The only thing you need to start a free trial is the email address. You can create surveys both for personal and business purposes, as there are different pricing options.


SurveyLegend allows its users to create custom, engaging surveys, forms, questionnaires, and polls on any device. It is based in Malmo, Sweden.

The company offers customized creation of surveys and professional analytical tools that work with obtained data. You may create engaging surveys on your tablet or smartphone, using different fonts, colors, and full templates.

You may sign up for free to the Survey Legend’s services at It is very comfortable as you do not need a personal computer or laptop, you can start your project on the go with a click on your smartphone.