Instead of Global B2B Survey, Normal B2B surveys (business-to-business) are a research method that aims to gather valuable data from supervisors, managers, directors, business owners, and other executives. These people usually work in the companies of partners, competitors, and other organizations that are related to your business’ performance.

However, when we talk about Global B2B Survey there is a slight difference from traditional (local or national) B2B survey. Before the development of computer technologies, this planetary level of research was available only for large multinational companies and organizations. Let’s discover new opportunities that are affordable literally for anyone.

Global B2B Surveys As Part of Doing Industry Research

Global surveys can be a part of bigger research, that may also include economic and financial analysis, market research, or statistical analysis. Besides global B2B survey, B2C surveys (business-to-customer) are also available for anyone interested. The major difference between these two survey types is that B2B surveys are mostly qualitative, whereas B2C surveys are mainly quantitative.

When we are talking about global B2B surveys, we mean that by questioning experts, professionals, and executives anywhere in the world you will obtain a lot of data. Additionally, this data is collected in the form of personal opinions (qualitative data), so it may be quite diversified and lead to multiple insights.

Even if you are a relatively small business that is willing to sell products around the world, on the basis of obtained data you may create various content, infographics, promo videos, and even full-scale marketing campaigns in the global online environment. Let’s see how it works.

Gaining Content Feedback Is Key

When the content, inspired by the gathered survey data, is run in the online media platforms, social networks, and even within mobile applications you can gather customer feedback in the form of views and downloads numbers, likes, and comments.

Take into consideration that the target audience of the created content would need some time to give feedback. Additionally to naturally-created feedback, you may create a B2C survey that will collect quantitative data about the effectiveness of your content.

Whether your products consist of text, graphics, video, audio, or streaming content, you may ask users to give feedback regarding them. Feedback forms can range from one closed-ended question to a solid questionnaire with quantitative and qualitative questions.

Collect Employee Feedback to Improve Your Business Health

Along with global B2B and B2C surveys, there is one more method to strengthen marketing in your organization. You can conduct internal surveys among employees of other departments of your organization.

If you are a marketing specialist or working in the marketing department, you may improve your performance by requesting feedback from other employees. Propose them to take a short and anonymous survey that will evaluate marketing research and marketing campaigns within your organization.

This type of survey would be beneficial both for marketing improvement and integration of inter-departmental work. Hence, moving this way you may enhance the overall business performance of your organization, including the sales and accounting departments.