The modern world is full of interactions between people, so their opinions influence companies’ performance and market trends. The survey is among the most effective tools to collect feedback.

The way you prepare and conduct the survey influences its results. The quality of obtained data to great extent depends on the survey delivery and presentation. We have analyzed the existing trends to provide you with the best practices aimed at successful survey completion.

Build Your Survey With Relevant Questions From Beginning to End

Your respondents would appreciate it if you get straight to the point, but in an accurate, helpful, and even gentle way. The old proverb of “putting yourself in one’s shoes” suits here the best. Try to understand how the questionnaire looks for those who go through the survey questions.

In order to achieve your purpose and get the needed survey responses, you have to clearly state the aim of your survey. Therefore, your respondents must understand the survey, why they are answering it and what they are doing from the first to the last question. 

Show Appreciation for Their Participation

Show the participants that you appreciate their consent to take the survey. For example, at the beginning of the questionnaire, you may leave them a kind message of appreciation and a short explanation on how gathered answers influence the problem solving or whom they’re helping. 

Some researchers found that the quality of collected data depends on the survey time. If the survey takes more than 20 minutes, then the quality is worsened. So, you may appease your respondents by telling them the average time of survey completion. Normally, it should be as short as possible and not be more than 15 minutes.

Give Rewards to Boost Responses

Another good thing to be included in the survey is the result. Since you can’t rely on goodwill alone, you may offer multiple rewards and benefits. The best “reward after survey completion” is a little bit of money, still, if your budget is limited you may offer discounts, gift cards, and other valuable things.

There can be situations when the funding is scarce, or there is no funding at all, and there is no money to pay for the survey completion. Do not be discouraged, as you may provide other advantages, like promptly sharing the intermediate survey results with those already there.

Share Your Survey Across Multiple Channels

You’ve applied all the above advice, so it’s time to spread your questionnaires among the respondents. There are multiple channels through which you can reach your audience. Nevertheless, you already have the email addresses, so make the most out of it and start by sending your survey via email. 

Online social networks are also good means of survey sharing, as some people may use social networks more frequently than mailing systems. Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter are all suitable platforms to do so.

Finally, remember the last thing – the more channels you use the more people you reach. You may pick up all the alternatives that suit your survey – phone calls, SMS, or messengers (like WhatsApp or Telegram). Embedding the questionnaire link in the relevant web pages, or using ad services (like Google Ads) are also productive strategies.