For many years, GrapeData has been one of the world’s leading companies that provides its clients access to alternative data using geolocated surveys. Companies like GrapeData, and the market in which it is a world leader, provide you access to a market you are either entering or are already within. Entering or engaging in that sort of market is very difficult without getting such information, and hence it is always crucial to make sure you are jumping into it smartly.

Understanding GrapeData’s Business Core

GrapeData is a world leader in creating surveys for financially-related businesses. Not only do they save you time and money, but they also save you the frustration of having to understand how to approach surveys in the complex financial world. It is quite easy and simple to find a survey company that would generate surveys for you on general topics such as food, computer games, and other simple day-to-day consumer products. However, when it comes to surveying more complicated questions that are related to hedge funds, for example, a regular survey company is simply not enough. Using in-depth, survey-based research by a professional team such as GrapeData’s would make you a top player in your industry.

Have You Heard About Crowd-Intelligence and Alternative Data?

Crowd intelligence, which is also collective intelligence, is a type of intelligence that arises from putting together, through a collective capability and multiple individual participation. Once that takes place, the midpoint of all of the individuals’ inputs is referred to as crowd intelligence. You can often hear about this term in places like peer reviews or crowdsourcing and often the purpose for them is business-oriented. Alternative data is mostly data that financial funds, such as hedge funds, use in order to gain knowledge of an industry without using the target company’s own records. Putting the two together gives investors a much better idea of where to put their money.

GrapeData and Its Other Strengths in Research

GreapeData allows you to get authentic insight from over 200,000 data points based in over 80 jurisdictions so that you can learn more about your company. Unlike historical data, data that is gathered from a company like GrapeData lets you get an insight into the future. You may order both quantitative and qualitative surveys, which can gather the needed data from a very broad audience or provide you with professional insights from experts with rich experience. The most important thing is that GrapeData’s team can assist you at every stage of your research, and you may start communication with simple explanations of what you want to achieve.