• Treating The Secondary Data Is Essential To Increase The Effectiveness of Research

Quantitative research is the process of identifying results or making decisions based on quantifiable data collected through surveys, polls, and questionnaires from existing and prospective customers, and then mathematical and statistical calculations are applied to that data in order to achieve desired results. Secondary quantitative research can be conducted through data available on the internet, public and non-public sources, educational institutions, and commercial information sources.

  • Information Available On The Internet

The internet is known as an endless ocean of information, and relevant research data can be found on the internet to aid your research and reach desired conclusions through that information. However, the validity of that data is questionable as not all sources are accurate. But, you can find accurate data from GrapeData, which would ensure that your research is accurate and you end up with the correct results. This secondary research method helps increase the validity of primary quantitative data and proves the relevance of previously collected data.

  • Public And Non-Public Sources

Secondary quantitative research can also be done through government and non-government sources. The data received from these sources is highly accurate and detailed, which can help boost the validity of quantitative research design. You do not need to spend hours searching for this data as GrapeData can provide you with authentic sources and reliable data to conduct your research.

  • Education Institutions As Sources

Educational institutions are a great source of secondary quantitative research methods. These institutions conduct detailed research on various topics and publish reports and research papers in journals which are really important sources for validating quantitative research. These are authentic sources as the research is conducted by esteemed educational institutions with highly-qualified specialists in their subjects, so this data is extremely reliable and can be used as a strong source for proving the validity of quantitative research. Public libraries can also be utilized as an effective source because they store copies of important research that was conducted earlier. These libraries are stores of accurate and valuable information and contain documents that can be used in your quantitative research.

  • Sources Of Commercial Information

Other sources that can be utilized for secondary quantitative research are newspapers, journals, magazines, radio, and TV to obtain data. These sources are beneficial as they provide in-depth information on similar topics such as market research and economic developments.

However, you can either spend hours searching for data from these sources for secondary quantitative research methods, or you can simply opt for GrapeData, which possesses accurate data from all these sources and can provide results, saving you time and proving to be cost-efficient.